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The Research Network

The ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP Research Network is a non-profit research partnership between ISOPROG Onlus and Somatolink Foundation, inc with an international component promoted by scientists engaged in the field of Personalized Genomic Medicine (PGM) with an oncology and rare disease main focus.

Our Mission

The mission of the ISOPROG-Somatolink Non-Profit Research Network of Patients-Experts-for-Patients is to use advanced multidisciplinary research to find that unique code in the DNA of each individual necessary to neutralize the lethal effects of…

The Team

Established in 2014 in Italy as a no profit research organization, starting from 2017 the scientists and professionals operating under ISOPROG affiliation have decided to reorganize themselves into an international non-profit network of experts- patients-for-patients thanks to the partnership with Somatolink Foundation inc (Delaware non-profit org) based in Philadelphia.

Scientific Director

Pierluigi Scalia, native of Caltanissetta, Italy, is an Italian-American MD PhD and social entrepreneur. Graduated in Medicine and Surgery with highest score and honors at the University of Catania, he continued his post-doctoral career in the United States with the accredited title of Doctor in Molecular Endocrinology and obtaining his permanent residency…

Isoprog promotes the AEHSIM Project

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Please contact us by email at info@isoprog.org or call us at +16103311016

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