AEHSIM Project

Alliance for Environment, Health, Science and Innovation of the Mediterranean district

Project “Alliance for Environment, Health, Science and Innovation of the Mediterranean district” (AEHSIM)

Since 2019, the ISOPROG research network has promoted a consortium initiative to bring research infrastructures of strategic value in the Mediterranean district in order to support new innovative ecosystems in integrated and smart areas of the environment, health, biodiversity and agro-food.

The initiative has conveyed agreements with institutions such as the Polytechnic of Milan (ABC Department) , the Insubria University of Varese (Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences, DiSTA), an institute of the National Research Council (CNR) , the Scientific-Technological Park of Sicily (PSTS), and interests from public research bodies and companies operating in innovative sectors dealt with both for content and for support to the design aspects of international level.

The initiative launched the phase of acquiring strategic sites hosting these multidisciplinary hubs through public-private partnerships, concessions and negotiated acquisitions. The objective of the initiative remains that of starting the design and construction phases of such infrastructures in the timeframe provided by PNRR and community channels of appropriate support.