Eugenia Wackowsky

wackowskyThe US citizen lawyer E. Wackowsky is an expert in international patenting, by virtue of her two degrees (both in Science and in Law) and two decades of activity matured in the biotech district of the Bay Area in California. In addition to her participation in the drafting of the first biotechnology patents held by the biotech giant “Genentech” of San Francisco, she has contributed to train many of the experts who now make up the legal team in charge of the intellectual protection of proprietary research in the field of biotechnology of the same company. Eugenia Wackowsky and her legal office Townsend & Kilpatrick, of which she is herself a partner, gave a big support to the patenting of oncological research, which today is conveyed in the project ISOPROG. She has provided a solid foundation to the present and future projects of the scientific panel and its objective to bring oncology discoveries to the patient in a very short time, compared to a mere academic model dropped from the mentality and experience of patenting and technology transfer of discoveries to the institutions. Her international law office has also a network of financiers and investors of big importance for the future growth of the project ISOPROG.

Sergio Gurrieri

guerreriDr. Gurrieri, born in Catania, he obtained a degree in chemistry in his hometown. Then he continued his professional career in the United States in biotechnologies supporting research and health (including Millipore and Life Technologies, now part of Thermo Group) . He enriched his professional background with a Masters in Business & Administration in the USA. Then, he continued his career as an entrepreneur and a manager of an investment group to support biotech start-up in Southern California (Tech Coast Angels) with a conservative investment network estimated at two billion dollars. Sergio Gurrieri adds value to the evaluation of spin-off projects, technology transfer of the research proposed by the ISOPROG team together with the syndication of planning, a greater potential for internationalization at venture capital groups, selected on the basis of financial parameters and return models investment pursued by capital groups in north America.

Enrico Toti

totiEnrico Toti graduated in Law at the University Tor Vergata in Rome with a PhD thesis on the unification of law and integration of rights into the roman legal system. He is a partner of the international legal firm NCTM based in Rome, Milan and Shanghai. He is also a representative of the Chinese banks Union in Italy as well as the legal referent for the development of Chinese business in Italy with a mandate from the Chinese Ministry of Business. Furthermore, he is a referent for the development of business within the Italy-China Foundation (once chaired by Cesare Romiti). Enrico Toti has been involved in the internationalization of the ISOPROG project with particular attention to the Chinese investment interests. Therefore, the project has been filed at the law firm NCTM under his guidance at the beginning of 2016 in order to facilitate the steps for the selective recruitment of investment Asian partners with vested interest and compatible mid-long term objectives.

Alfredo Saia

saiaAlfredo Saia was born in Caltanissetta. He obtained his degree in Law at the University of Palermo. Currently he is secretary of the lawyers’ bar of Caltanissetta. Saia’s firm is the depositary of the ISOPROG project in Caltanissetta for local and regional aspects in order to connect it to and interface it to the territory, and to promote the development of institutional and professional support channels, especially in during the start -up phase in support of the direct costs of research along with the due adjustment expected with the intervention of capital to support the infrastructural investment at the Averna site towards the centralization of the activities. Alfredo Saia is also involved in the drawing up of functional private agreements to the proposed project.

Patenting, Spin-off and Legal representation

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