chk_captchaISOPROG is an international nonprofit organization promoted by scientists active in the field of Personalized Genomic Medicine (PGM) applied to Oncology and rare disease.
The name ISOPROG is the italian acronym of “Istituto Somatogene per la Oncologia Personalizzata e la Ricerca Onco­Genomica” (Somatogene Institute for Personalised Oncology and Onco­Genomic Research).

ISOPROG promotes partnership and cooperation with individual scientists, academic organizations and private industries in a worldwide landscape. The members of the Organization carry highly qualified international experience in different disciplines including: biomedicine, bio­engineering, molecular biology, molecular pathology, experimental oncology, genomic, proteomics, bioinformatics, computational biology, biobanking, bioethics, health­IT, ICT, data management, robotics and more fields applicable to Personalized Genomic Medicine direct to eradicate disease as cancer and other diseases bearing complex genetic component.

The organization

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