Active Research lines at ISOPROG currently focus on:

  1. The molecular mechanisms used by cancer secreted factors to affect tumor microenvironment towards the acquisition and maintenance of malignant features and their targeting in personalized medicine strategies.
    Ref. Scalia P, Pandini G, Carnevale V, Giordano A, Williams SJ (2019). Identification of a Novel EphB4 Phosphodegron Regulated by the Autocrine IGFII/IRA Axis in Malignant Mesothelioma. Submitted for pubblication
  2. The optimization of NGS panels for the fingerprinting of patients’ derived cancer cells based upon the team-validated cancer-driver targets. Ref. Scalia P, Williams SJ, Russo A, Giordano A. 2017. Actionable Molecular Targets in Cancer Liquid Biopsy (Chapter in Book), p 71-76. Liquid Biopsy in Cancer Patients: The Hand Lens for Tumor Evolution. Ed. Russo, Giordano & Rolfo. Humana Press, 2017)

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