The research lines of ISOPROG team include:

a) The block of a molecular mechanism shared by 85% of a strong environmental component solid tumors for growth arrest and custom processing;

b) The development of an expert computer system for the prediction of the genome abnormalities predisposing to the onset of cancer and biomonitoring of the territory for high-risk environmental factors (in collaboration with the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Palermo).

The existing support opportunities include the following types:

  •  Sponsor for a two-year scholarship for career start researcher (35,000 euros / year): 70,000 EUR;
  • Sponsor for a two-year scholarship to a researcher with more than 5 years of training (45,000 euros / year): 90,000 EUR;
  • Sponsorship for a line of research with a total duration of two years: 150,000 euros.

The latter will cover the following costs over the duration of the search:

  • Cost of reagents and consumables;
  • Wage for 1 researcher + 1 technical support staff units;
  • Costs of publication of 2 scientific journals with international visibility and relevance.

The support of wages up to 2/3 of the research staff involved from 2018 will be based on external services provided by the laboratory.

  • Instrument platform of Cell Biology and Molecular Pathology (for research units c / or entity collaborating in Sicily): 275,000 Euros (**)
  • Instrument platform for genomic sequencing and bioinformatic analysis units: 1,250,000 Euros (**)

(*) The plaque of appreciation to individual sponsors, institutional or commemorated is in English, and includes the logo of the organizations involved and affiliated to the research, the reasons for the recognition and the name of the sponsor, the company or the dedication to loved one that motivated support.


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