Giuseppe Giovanni Pandini

Dr. Pandini is a life sciences researcher high technical skills and professional experience matured internationally. He currently serves as a research assistant at the University of Catania, Italy.  After earning a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Catania he has specialized in medical genetics and received his doctorate in Molecular Endocrine Sciences at the Department of Biomedicine in the same institution. Giuseppe Pandini has carried out his postdoctoral research in various Institutions including the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Beckman Institute at  “City of Hope” research and treatment hospital  (one of the nationally recognized US comprehensive cancer centers) in Duarte, California and the Institute Genetics of Pavia CNR and the department of Microbiology and immunology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York (USA). The dott.Pandini has to his credit more than 40 scientific publications in international oncology journals. His role as a senior scientist and his mentor experience for many younger cancer scientists is an added asset to our research.

Rossella Lucà

lucaDr Lucà holds a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Catania. She has also obtained a Master degree at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. Rossella Lucà has performed her post -doctoral work at the Laboratory of Neurobiology at the University of leuven in Belgium where she subsequently received her doctorate in Biomedical science majoring on the mechanisms of human disease . Winner of competitive grants for biomolecular research, dr. Lucà has publications of international relevance in the area of the shared molecular mechanisms between the tumorigenic processes and neurological diseases related to genetic basis of mental retardation.

Michele Averna

avernaDr Averna has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Palermo and a major in Human Biology and Evolution obtained at the Tor Vergata University in Rome where he has perfected gene delivery techniques with viral vectors . He holds a PhD degree in biomedical sciences from the University of Leuven in Belgium , where his research focused on tumor progression, metastasis formation and the identification of new cancer markers . Michele Averna is co-author with Rossella Lucà , scientific papers with high impact in the field of oncology . Both are members of the ISOPROG non-profit organization based upon their scientific merits and professional interests.

Angela Flores Dico


Dr. Angela Dico is a biologist  who graduated from the University of Palermo. She also has a master degree in Medical Applied Biological Sciences earned with honors from the University of Parma . She has carried out training activities in Genetics at the University of Parma before holding molecular biology technical positions at the Department of Hematology – Oncology ” Seragnoli ” University Hospital S. Orsola Malpighi in Bologna, focusing , among other things, on gene expression profiling and ” Next Generation” genomic sequencing.

Umberto Andrea Cammarata


Umberto Cammarata, holds a degree in Biology from the University of Milan and a Master in Molecular Biology achieved with flying colors at the same University . He then received his doctorate in Molecular Oncology released of European School of Molecular Medicine with activity carried out at the Experimental Oncology Department of the European Institute of Oncology ( IEO ) in Milan ( under the direction of prof . Piergiuseppe Pelicci ) . Dr . Umberto Cammarata is experienced in various sectors of methods that include cell and molecular biology with experiments conducted both in vitro and in vivo and has developed teamwork skills in a multidisciplinary environment , high efficiency and productivity.

Stephen J Williams


Dr. Williams is a scientist with proven managerial experience in basic and translational research. He holds a degree in Pharmacology with Toxicology address at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA, and has carried out his postdoctoral activities covering various research positions at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, part of the university network of the Temple. Stephen Williams is a technical-scientific partner ISOPROG non-profit organization and responsible for overseeing collaborative projects promoted by ISOPROG in collaboration with the Institute Sbarro franchisee. It has a strong scientific expertise, training and mentoring for young researchers as well as management support required for the medium and long term objectives of planning, making use of double base of operations in Sicily and the USA, to increase and speed up the aspects of researcher training and group facilitation and internalisation of collaborative research produced.

Matthew Gray

grayDr . Gray is an American technologist expert in the field of genomic sequencing and high complexity testing . He has served as the laboraboratorio manager for micro – chemical services for the synthesis of molecular probes and sequencing of proteins and nucleic acids ( DNA / RNA ) of the research center biosanitario the University of Southern California in Los Angeles before moving in private sector clinical sequencing ( NGS ) as a senior scientist with the company Ambry Genetics ( one of the first companies worldwide to offer clinician to use genomic tests ) . Dr . Matthew Gray works with the project conveyed today in ISOPROG non-profit organization since 2008 bringing knowledge and technical support internationally in its field of competence .

Carla Rossana Sanfilippo-Scalia

Dr. Sanfilippo-Scalia native of San Cataldo ( CL ) has a degree in Biomedical  Laboratory Sciences obtained at the Department of Surgery and translational medicine at the University of Torino, Italy. She has carried out her activities in the areas of pathology and molecular diagnostics at the National Cancer Institute , IRCCS , Milan before moving  to the S. Gerardo Hospital in Monza where she holds the position of Research Fellow position at the Department of Anatomy pathological of the same organization that is part of the University network dell’Universistà of Milano- Bicocca and collaborates with hospitals Sacco and Niguarda of Milan. 

Salvatore Asero

aseroSalvatore Asero è un chirurgo oncologico di levatura internazionale. Attualmente di ruolo all’ospedale universitario ad alta specializzazione Garibaldi-Nesima di Catania.  Dopo la laurea presso l’omonima Università ha svolto tre anni di tirocinio post-laurea all’ University of Pittsburg medical center in Pensyllvania (USA) a cui ha aggiunto attività chirurgica e di ricerca presso l’Istituto nazionale dei tumori e l’Istituto europeo di oncologia in Milano. Il dott. Asero è un esperto riconosciuto in una varietà di patologie oncologiche di interesse chirurgico includendo quelle addominali (con enfasi su quelle a derivazione dei tessuti “molli”) e quelle cutanee con particolare focus sul melanoma.  Salvatore Asero, nel progetto ISOPROG, si occupa d’ integrazione delle competenze molecolari e genomiche con quelle chirurgiche nell’ambito della ricerca per la personalizzazione dei protocolli di trattamento a cui si ispira l’approccio scientifico proposto dal progetto.

Cellular and Genomic Tumor Biology

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