Giacomo Lo Presti


Giacomo Lo Presti, born in Grotte (AG), obtained his degree in Electrical Engineering applied to Biomedicine at the University of Bologna. The has later focused in artificial intelligence, robotic programming, bio-IT and genomic data science through the education network provided by the Stanford University, the John Hopkin University, the University of Michigan in USA and University of Toronto in Canada. Since 2013 Giacomo Lo Presti, who has been alternating research with teaching, has worked with the ISOPROG project towards the patient’s health and genomic data integration. The preliminar patient health-IT structure that is at the core of the ISOPROG workflow, co-designed by him has been presented at the ESBB LIMS and biobanking congress in Milano on February 2014.

Stefano Santo Sabato


Stefano Santo Sabato, born in Galatina (LE), works in Apulia (province of Lecce) and he is a ISOPROG member due to his outstanding professional experience. He graduated in IT Engineering at the Univerity of Salento, he then trained in Silicon Valley in north California, where he worked also for Google inc. He is currently the CTO of a software house in Italy and co-creator of original IT system in eHealth sector. He is an expertise of corporative cooperation system, Information management, digital identity, 3D applications, web apps, augmented reality, multi-channel mobile apps & marketing. Within the project ISOPROG Stefano Santo Sabato is a solid asset on the Italian and US research effort related to interfacing patients-generated biomolecular and genomic data to the various users of the proposed IT multi-layer platform.

Ettore Rizzo


Ettore Rizzo, born in Caltanissetta, is an expert on the bioinformatics analysis of genomic data in medicine. After graduating in Bioengineering at the University of Pavia, he obtained a Master’s degree in biomedical Engineering at the same University with a thesis elaborated in cooperation with ISMETT- UPMC of Palermo. His PhD thesis focused on the use of the cloud for the next-generation bio-IT data’ analysis in chronic myelogenous leucemia. He has published relevant biomedical and bio-IT articles in his sector collaborating with the Laboratory for Personalized Medicine – Center for Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, and with the University of Florida in Gainesville, USA. Ettore Rizzo has covered positions in bio-IT related to sequencing data analysis at the Nerviano medical sciences in Catania and at the Foundation I.R.C.C.S. Of the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia (Department of Hematology-Oncology). He is currently involved in start-up activities in his field. He is an ISOPROG member and technical referent in the areas of R&D related to the integration of data generated in solid tumors.

Bioinformatica & Bioengineering

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