Tiziana Giordano

tizianagTiziana Giordano, born in Caltanissetta, graduated in Economics and Businness for companies at the University of Catania. She is the owner of the company Cofin Ltd., located in Catania, for community planning and advice to SMEs. Dr. Giordano has contributed to obtaining announcements for major projects related to infrastructure and operational aspects of the technology district of Catania as well as to provide the funds assigned to patenting, to innovative supply chain projects in the same spin-off. The type of calls handled by Tiziana Giordano are relevant for the medium and long term planning.

Margherita (“Meg”) Orlando

orlandoMargherita Orlando, born in Caltanissetta, graduated in Communications at the University of Palermo . She speaks fluently English and French. Her has also two Master’s degrees, one in International Relations and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and one other in European Planning. She held editorial positions related to the internationalization of Italian culture on behalf of the Italian Embassy. Now Dr. Orlando is in charge of communication management in University and she manages calls for funding on community projects for public and private institutions in a regional and international overview. Margherita Orlando is a partner of proven technical and professional support in ISOPROG for her skills.

Reginald Nugent

Reginald Nugent earned his Masters degree in Economics from the London School of Economics (U.K.). He was an adjunct Lecturer at the center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Business & Administration from Cal Poly Pomona College, in California, for 4 years. He carries a professional high profile and proven experience in various areas of finance, business and administration. He has held governmental and strategic positions as senior advisor to the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce in Jamaica where he also held the position of director of the School of Business & Administration at the University of Technology.

Reginald Nugent is the co-founder of several companies in the computer sciences & IT industry including Isadra, Inc., in Silicon Valley, which was acquired by Vertical Net, Inc. for $ 50 million in 1999. He also worked for a decade in Finance sector for public transport to the town hall of San Francisco, in the Bay Area. It ‘was a co-founder and managing director of Capital West Partners Advisors, a planning firm of business and capital-raising which is based in Beverly Hills, California. He is presently a partner at Trancell, Inc, a company based in North America and in the West Indies centered on ICT solutions and virtual intelligent assistance. Reginald was involved in ISOPROG project since its first conceptual stage in California.


Project financing and Financial control

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