Sonia Giugno

giugno+Sonia Giugno was born in San Cataldo in 1972, she is press officer and head of the communication department in ISOPROG. She has a degree in Public Relations of the University of Catania. Sonia Giugno is a journalist, editor and expert in communication and marketing with management responsibilities acquired in several online newspapers of Caltanissetta, such as the Gazzetta Nissena (of which she is currently a contributor), VivereCaltanissetta (in which she was also editorial director). Thanks to her job she is become the local representative of far-reaching journalistic networks. She also collaborates with the newspaper La Sicilia. Sonia Giugno is also a lecturer of her competencies and she works actively in event management. Her personal contribution to ISOPROG guarantees the consolidation of the return of social investment of the project in the territory, the support of the event management finalized to fund-raising and the diffusion of the discoveries/ findings of ISPOPROG in the local, regional and international levels.

Danilo Drago

Danilo Drago graduated in Modena in “Mixed Media” in 2001, is an expert with international experience in the areas of web design & development, web marketing, e-commerce and marketplaces. Danilo Drago has realized several internet sites in Italy and abroad and news portals, he had many collaborations with government agencies in Uganda where he co-founded two web agency (is manager of two portals with an average of 30,000 daily accesses) and he worked in the staff of the President of Uganda (Mr. Museveni) managing his Twitter profile. He worked also for several football players of the Ugandan national football team, for the Football Federation of Uganda, for the Uganda Leasing Association (the most important Ugandan association of entrepreneurs), and in Rwanda. The interests of Danilo Drago in ISOPROG project, in addition to those mentioned, spanning a spectrum of innovative themes including applications of his expertise in multidisciplinary teams of research and development of e-health solutions organization.

Vincenzo Pane

Vincenzo Pane, born in Petralia Sottana in 1981, is a journalist and editor of proven experience. Vincenzo Pane collaborates with important newspapers. At the local level he collaborates with printed publications and on-line such as the newspaper La Sicilia and Il Fatto Nisseno. At regional and national level is one of the corresponding of the news agency Ansa and of La Repubblica. He is press officer of ISOPROG and his personal contribution is intended to ensure the consolidation of social investment return aspects of the project in the territory, to support the organization of events of fund-raising and diffusion of findings of the ISOPROG group at local, regional and national level.

Erica Ianiro

Erica IaniroErica Ianiro, born in Forli in 1983, graduated at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice in Languages and culture of Eurasia and the Mediterranean, then she discussed her PhD thesis on Economic History of the East Mediterranean in 18th century at the same University. He speaks several languages, including English, French, German and Turkish. Erica Ianiro is accustomed in organizing events in Italian, English and Turkish. She is interpreter too, she has thaught Italian, she has been responsible for training Italian and Turkish staff. The personal contribution of Erica Ianiro is aimed to the organization of events for fund-raising and diffusion of the findings/discoveries of ISOPROG abroad.

Communications, Social presence and Public relations

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