In order to establish a portfolio of B2B services meant to connect each individual with a series of existing or foreseeable personalized solutions based upon the individual genomic asset, the EPFP managing team of the ISOPROG-Somatolink network has established the vehicle commercial limited liability company (Italian srl) registered as Somatogenics Social Enterprise. (SSE).

SSE srl main function is to foster and promote innovation by providing structural and management support to the non-profit research network. This, towards establishing the B2B commercial activities linked to Institutional clients bearing personalized solutions of which SSE srl, thanks to its Expert-Patients-for-Patients (EPFP) network, is able to provide match-making at the highest level of biological discrimination.

In order to do so, SSE srl relies on innovative and proprietary knowledge linked to A.I.-driven secure big data management and algorithms conveyed in the OPID-Somatolink system. The planned system allows to fulfill the goals of the proposed personalized genomic services of the ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP network.

The SSE srl managing team includes technical members with established experience and international presence in the needed scientific-professional fields as well as in the entrepreneurial sector in areas of high innovation. The team roles are:

Pierluigi Scalia, Executive and R&D strategies Director

Enrico Iaria, Director of Business and Innovation, B2B clients relations

Michele Averna, DTC Public Relations

Stephen J Williams, Director Personalized Biobanking services

Giacomo Lo Presti, Director of eHealth Services

Letterio Iachetta, Director of Personal Data Security & ICT Infrastructure

The EPFP Network & Somatogenics Social Enterprise srl

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