The I.S.O.P.R.O.G.-Somatolink EPFP Research Network

The ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP Research Network is a dual international nonprofit organization (ISOPROG Onlus, Italy and Somatolink Foundation, 501c, USA) promoted by scientists active in the field of Personalized Genomic Medicine (PGM) applied to Oncology and rare disease.
The name ISOPROG is the italian acronym of “Istituto Somatogene per la Oncologia Personalizzata e la Ricerca Onco­Genomica” (Somatogene Institute for Personalised Oncology and Onco­Genomic Research).
ISOPROG promotes partnership and cooperation with individual scientists, academic organizations and private industries in a worldwide….


Our mission

The ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP Research Network mission is to use advanced research in multidisciplinary fields to find that unique code into the DNA of each of us needed to neutralize the lethal effects of cancer and further providing effective personalized solutions that reflect the exact nature of each one illness. The next step of our research is to predict and prevent cancer in the very moment when critical changes occur in the individual’s genome.


Our Team

The self-organized ISOPROG team was established in 2014 in Italy. Since 2017 the group of scientists and professionals active under ISOPROG Onlus have re-organized as an international (ITA-USA) network of expert-patients-for-patients (the ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP network) thanks to the partnership with Philadephia-based Somatolink Foundation inc (501c). The network include experts with cumulative experience of more than three decades in the areas of bio medicine, bioengineering, computational biology, digital medicine, bio-technologies, large data management, patenting, advanced molecular diagnostics and genomics, various branches of oncology, academic education and professional training.


Founder & Scientific Director

Pierluigi Scalia, born in Caltanissetta, is a physician-scientist and an Italian-American social entrepreneur (class 1968). He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Catania, than he continued his career in the United States that granted him the the citizenship based upon scientific merits and the Italian title of doctor…




The Research of the ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP network focuses on the basic mechanisms of cancer onset, progression, invasion and metastatic process along with the translational aspects focusing on the relationship between the individual cancer biology and the molecular targetability of the disease in the single individual. Additionally, the newtork embraces all forms of multidisciplinary research and development in fields supporting the complex analysis of the big data generated as well as the A.I. implementation of the management processes involved in translating personalized research to personalized  health interventions



The Research Projects  proposed and self-funded by the ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP network relate to:

  1. The molecular mechanisms used by cancer secreted factors to affect tumor microenvironment towards the acquisition and maintenance of malignant features and their targeting in personalized medicine strategies.
  2. The optimization of biobanking processes towards A.I.-guided bio-genomic profiling in oncology and human disease.
  3. The optimization of NGS panels for the fingerprinting of patients’ derived cancer cells based upon the team-validated cancer-driver targets.
  4. Integration of data derived from the individual patient towards deep personalized profiling.

Besides the above-published results, the new knowledge generated is helping towards the development of new solutions for which private support is critical in order to speed up the availability of these innovative  services and health products


Contact us

Contact ISOPROG for any information. Our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible!



Supporting the ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP Research Network is possible through direct donations via money transfer to our ISOPROG Unicredit account and in Italy also with the 5×1000 deductible donation to ISOPROG Onlus. Your support will help us pursuing our goals both in Italy and in our affiliated sites…



Donando il tuo 5xMille all’associazione ISOPROG puoi contribuire a finanziare e portare avanti programmi di ricerca sul cancro per individuare nuove terapie sempre più…



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